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Can you cook an egg? You'd be surprised how many people can't.

I remember working my first omelette station. The anticipation, the nervousness, but at the same time, my confidence.

"Ive done this before, more than 2 at a time in fact, but doing it for strangers RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM? I don't know about this. What if I don't make it how they want it and they see me mess up? I've messed up plenty in the past when nobody was looking, but now, people are looking. You know what? I got this. I'm just going to talk to them while I cook so they don't pay attention.. No... I know what I'll do, I'll cook it just like I'm teaching someone else how to do it. That will work" And it did!

The whole time I was worried, it didn't matter what I did because so many people screw up eggs at home, so when they get some that didn't burn or stick to the pan, they are generally happy and sometimes even impressed. After years and years and years of cooking eggs in front of people, I almost can't wait to get out there and flip your omelette in your face with a smile on mine. And the best part is, I still cook those eggs like I'm trying to teach you how, Now I just put on a show. Something I look for when hiring a cook is wether or not they can cook an egg. I'm not saying that I wouldn't hire you if you can't, but it lets me know how much training will be involved in making sure you can sear a steak. Something as simple as eggs can make or break you in a kitchen, especially a professional kitchen. There are 101 ways to cook an egg and 101 ways to mess it up. Be sure to become a member of our site and subscribe so you'll be notified when we post our "How to cook an egg" video. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading. #WizWilliams #MunchieManz #Eggs #HowTo #Cook #Chef #Catering #Seasoning

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