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Munchie Fried Chicken Recipe

Here you'll learn the secret to our juicy but crunchy fried chicken. Gluten free? No problem.. We got you boo boo. It all starts with our original seasoning blend. That's where this all came from.

Start with whatever chicken you have available. We're not picky when it comes to the chicky.

Start by safely cleaning and rinsing your chicken away from any other food or areas that won't be cooked, cleaned or sanitized afterwards . They can be a bit slimy.

Most of our blends are salt free, but you're the boss. We recommend brining your chicken for at least 3 hours, But we'll talk about that another day, today we are going to show you how to do it with or without. Add your desired amount of salt FIRST.. This gives you the most control over your sodium intake and helps to make our flavors burst in your mouth.

Next, sprinkle your desired amount of Munchie Magic seasoning (Any blend) over the chicken. Flip it over and repeat. Next, you want some acidity in there. For grilling, use lemon juice or lime juice, but for frying? we like white vinegar (But depending on the application and sides, other flavors can be used). Cover the chicken about half way with the vinegar and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then toss the chicken around a little bit until it's completely coated and let it sit for another 15 minutes. Here is where we separate our Gluten Free homies from the rest of you. For a gluten free experience, Substitute corn starch for flour. Add 1 cup of white stuff (Your choice of flour, corn starch, rice flour, chick pea flour, etc ) to 1 tablespoon of Munchie Magic Seasoning and mix well. But remember, these all brown at different times at different temperatures, so you might have to play around if you use anything other than flour or corn starch. If you are one of those salt heads, go ahead and add a pinch to that mix as well. Now we have our Munchie marinated Chicken and our dry mix ready to go.

If you can control the temperature of your fryer, go ahead and set that bad boy to 300 degrees for medium size pieces of chicken or 325 for smaller pieces like wings. we don't want the seasoning, flour or starch to burn at the bottom before you get right back up and cook the next batch.

If you are using a conventional stove, Turn the heat to medium/ high to start and then to medium once you put the chicken in. You want to be able to deep fry these birds, but you really don't want to be filling a pot or pan that high with molten oil next to an open flame, so choose wisely. We say don't fill anything up more than halfway when deep frying. If you don't want to burn your house down over some chicken. Slap that wet chicken into that dry mix and shake the ever loving ish out of it. Remember, we don't want it to burn at the bottom. Now place it to the side, but don't do more than you can fry at once. When your oil is up to temperature, slowly lower the pieces in. Dropping them in is EXACTLY how you get burned and start fires. Trust me. If you don't have a fryer basket, you want to flip the chicken every 5 minutes until golden brown and it starts to float in the oil. That's usually an indicator that your fried food is done, no matter what it is. Smaller pieces will only take 10 to 15 minutes, while larger pieces will take 15 to 20 depending on size. Now as tempting as it might seem, Don't bite into the chicken right away. You won't be able to taste the magic until your tastebuds recoup. Wait about 5 mins for the juices to settle down, but don't wait too long. after a while they will drop to the bottom and make it soggy. You can slow this down by flipping the chicken while cooling. We have 100 other ways to make fried chicken, this is just one. Stay tuned. We might even write a book all about fried chicken and the hundreds of ways to prepare it. Thanks for reading. #GetYaMunchOn #MunchieManz #FriedChicken #Recipe #Food

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